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Native American Jewelry at
Lone Mountain Turquoise Co.

For three generations, the Winfield family has been synonymous with the finest turquoise in the world. It all began in 1951 when M.C. Winfield and his wife, Grace, acquired their first turquoise mine in Colorado—the Villa Grove Mine. This marked the beginning of a remarkable journey that saw M.C. becoming one of the most renowned miners and suppliers of turquoise in the United States. Over the years, the Winfield family expanded their mining operations to include multiple

Lone Mountain Turquoise

mines across Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada, including the world-famous Lone Mountain mine.

Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. is a stunning gallery nestled in the historic art village of Tubac, Arizona. You can immerse yourself in the world of Native American art through an exquisite collection of jewelry, rugs, pottery, paintings, baskets, and sculptures crafted by more than 3,000 talented artists.

Lone Mountain Turquoise

From Mines to Masterpieces

M.C. Winfield collaborated with Native American artists and trusted traders, providing them with the finest quality turquoise stones. These skilled artisans transformed these stones into beautiful, hand-crafted jewelry that showcased the brilliance of Turquoise in all its glory. In 1972, Robert and Michelle Winfield, the son and daughter-in-law of M.C. and Grace, founded Winfield Trading Company. This trading post became a gateway for providing finished Native American products to stores, museums, and collectors worldwide, sourced directly from the artists.

Welcome to a New Era

Today, Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. stands as a stunning 3,500-square-foot gallery in the heart of Tubac, Arizona. Owned and operated by Jason and Barbara Winfield, the oldest son and daughter-in-law of Robert and Michelle, the gallery continues the family’s treasured legacy of preserving and promoting authentic Native American art.

Whether you are a collector or just beginning to explore the world of Native American jewelry and art, Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. promises an unforgettable experience. Each piece in their collection reflects timeless beauty, craftsmanship, and cultural significance.

Located in the historic artist colony of Tubac, Arizona, this gallery offers not only an exceptional selection but also the warmth and personal touch of a family-run business. Come and be enchanted by the beauty and variety of Native American art at Lone Mountain Turquoise Co. 

Lone Mountain Turquoise
Lone Mountain Turquoise

Lone Mountain Turquoise Co.

11 Tubac Rd, Tubac


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